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group of people enjoying hypnosis
group of people enjoying hypnosis
group of people enjoying hypnosis

Jeremy Will Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Jeremy Feldhamer was born one night in December 1980 in Brooklyn, NY. He was always entertaining. He got his first big break in JR high when in sixth grade he was voted class clown. By the time high school came around Jeremy wasn’t satisfied with just making his class laugh, he needed a larger audience.

In late 1990s Jeremy started one of the internets first streaming audio radio shows. With his unique prank phone calls and jokes about current events his show quickly climbed the ratings charts and became the most listened to show on the ShoutCast Network. Soon, the Warm Glow of the Computer monitor was not enough for him.

When Jeremy turned 20 in 2000, He began doing stand up at some of New York’s hottest clubs He was seen regularly in his home town club, “Pip’s”, and was often at “Stand Up New York”, and the world famous “Comedy Cellar”. He has also formed a comedy troop with all Jewish members called, “The Jew Tang Clan”, which includes some of the days best up and coming comics. Jeremy’s friendly and charming personality quickly made him the audience’s friend, and someone they wanted to share a (kosher) beer with after the show, and he welcomes any and all invites to do so.

Besides for preforming around the world, Jeremy currently makes his home in the country of Israel and he preforms there often. The biggest and longest running English comedy show in Israel is one that he produces in Tel Aviv. Learn more about Jeremy Feldhamer Presents English Comedy Showcase by clicking here.

Don't Wait Any Longer. Make Jeremy The Highlight of Your Next Event !


USA: 718-673-8207
Israel: 052-834-4272


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