Sea Lions Playing Volleyball

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Now this is what I call using your head, or maybe using your nose? Watch the video below and see these amazing sea lions play volleyball. It looks like they are having so much fun! I definitely had a lot of fun watching them and I am sure you will too!

What do yo think? does it look like fun? Would you challenge a sea lion to a game? Comment down below!

Turning White Wine Into Red

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

See what happens when these two turn white wine into red and then have others taste it. I have said it many times before, it is all about perception and this proves it. That and most of these wine tasting experts are just full of it!

Twin Fathers, Which One Is Dada?!?!

Monday, February 15th, 2016

When your dad is a twin, things can get a bit confusing. Like I always say, it is all about perception.

50 Voice impressions in 5 minutes. Now That’s Talent…

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Nic De Houwer is a very talented guy. He is a king of impressions. A bunch of these voices I can do but a bunch I can’t and the ones I can do I am not sure I can do as well as Nic (See, I can be modest too). Can you do any of these voices or any others? Share what voices you can do either in the comments below or even better, upload a video and leave a link in the comments below.

Cheetah & Dog, Best of Friends

Friday, October 9th, 2015

Meet Kumbali and Kago, a unique companionship between a cheetah cub and puppy!

Read more about their story here:

Hate Waiting in Line?

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

if you are like me you hate waiting in line. I rather just wait a few weeks until demand goes down but others need it now. For those who need t now and don’t to wait here is another option.

Robert Samuel makes up to $1000 a week to stand in line. He charges $25/hour to wait in line for Broadway shows, sample sales, tech releases and even brunch waitlists.

Congrats Robert! You found a need in the market and created a solution for it that makes you money. Continue living the American Dream buddy.

Coolest way to tune a guitar EVER!

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Every guitar player needs to learn this one! What an awesome way to tune a guitar!

Enjoy this “Passionflower” Cover By Alexis Hadefi

Superman Ice Bucket Challenge

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Henry Cavill (Superman) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the set of “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice.”

Superman is the man!

What do you think of the Superman ice bucket challenge? Comment below…

Squirrel Is Given The Slip

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

When a local Rock Squirrel was stealing pounds of seed from a family’s bird feeder, they came up with an ingenuous, humane and hilarious solution to their empty feed problem, giving the squirrel the slip. The results can be seen in this great viral video.

Don’t worry, there are two feeders and vegetables in the garden that this critter still considers his own personal shmorg.

Jason Williams Might Have Been The Best Passer In The NBA, But He Can’t Fake Me Out!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Jason William might want to fake me out in a game of one on one, but I will know what he is thinking before he does. Will his fancy moves be any sort of match for my Powers of the mind?

What do you think? 😉

Comment below!!!


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